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Vezina Wins Nevada Enduro Event!


Less than a week after the Giant Factory Off-Road Team announced a new partnership with DVO Suspension, enduro racer Mckay Vezina scored the team's first official win with the new suspension setup on his Reign Advanced team bike. Vezina, a 22-year-old Canadian who lives in Southern California, traveled to Bootleg Canyon, Nevada, about an hour outside of Las Vegas, to race one of the DVO Winter Gravity Series events and came away with the win in the three-stage enduro race.

The terrain at Bootleg Canyon is unforgiving, with razor-sharp rocks and high-speed ridgeline descents. Vezina rode well throughout the three stages to edge out Mitch Ropelato and Cody Kelli for the win.

Talking about his new DVO Diamond 170mm suspension fork, Vezina said, “the small bump compliance was just unreal.”

Vezina also wore the new Giant Line shoe and Rail helmet to take the win. 

With his first race win of the season now in the books, Vezina will now look to carry the momentum as he and his teammates look forward to the start of the Enduro World Series opener in March.  

dinsdag 23 januari 2018